Some Things I’ve Learned From Self-Publishing

Be thankful

I find if I’m busy being thankful that it helps me to focus on all the positive instead of  the many negatives that I could drown in.

If you have lived very long, you know that this one is spot on. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is your book or books. The important thing to remember is to keep going.


I know I am the only one in the whole wide world that compares themselves to others. But in case I’m not, let me just say that there will always be people around to compare yourself to, but I’m learning to focus on what I’m doing and be happy.


Even with my children’s books I have to edit and edit and edit and edit. Did I mention I have to edit my children’s books. No matter what I write, I have to edit.

Be thankful

This is worth repeating.



I have made mistakes. I do make mistakes. And I will make mistakes. The important thing again to remember is to keep getting back up.

Full time job

Whoever said they were going to self-publish as a hobby obviously had never self-published. I’m learning more and more that it is a full time job. Whether it is writing and editing your book, making changes after it’s been edited by an editor or then there’s the formatting the boook. And if you illustrate like I do, then there is the illustrating. And then there’s the dreaded marketing. I think I’ve mentioned somewhere before that I hate marketing. It hasn’t changed. I still don’t like it.


I’m not as well versed in this as I would like to be, but I’m learning. This day and age you have to use social media.family

No explanation needed.chiefbottlewasherWhen you self-publish, you have to do a little bit or a lot of everything.


This is a reminder to me as much as it is to anyone who is reading this.

Until Next Time,

J. W. Nicholson


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