Yucky Marketing


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(Marvin is Hungry ebook is now available on Amazon. Click on the picture for the link. The hard copy will hopefully be available by the end of the week.)

I realize that Yucky Marketing is such a formal term ( very sarcastic voice). I want to know do you like marketing your books? Does anyone? I confess, I am forty-one years old, and I know that I am not crazy about marketing. (Not even a little bit). I honestly don’t like trying to sell myself. My brain tells my body to run and hide.  But, I realize that if I am going to sell my books that I have to do some marketing. That’s why I was relieved Saturday when my oldest son and my husband chimed in that they would take care of a good portion of marketing my books. I cannot tell you how relieved I am. And as I write this I am still relieved.

You see, I like creating the illustrations, and writing the book. I can’t say that I totally enjoy reorganizing my pages so that the bleed comes over enough. No, that is more than a little frustrating. But I definitely don’t like trying to sell who I am. And I don’t like being pushy. I can remember working as a social worker, and the drug representatives for pharmaceutical companies would meet with the doctors. I remember them being pushy which their job was to do that.  But I remember thinking, I wouldn’t like that job not even a little bit. As a social worker, I didn’t mind advocating for my patient, but selling products made me cringe. And it still does. If any of you have any suggestions for making the process easier, I am all ears!

So this week, a new Instagram account is on the agenda. Possibly, a business Facebook account, and whatever else my husband and son decide. And I will continue working on my books which I would rather do anyways.The following pictures of my books have the links if you want to take a look.

Until Next Time,

J. W. Nicholson (The Windy Writer)

P.S. I decided to use The Windy Writer as more of a business blog. We will see how that goes. Windy comes from my middle name. thebotanicalbookcover6x9

Artboard 1-100



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